Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Avatar Action - Part I

So these were done a few years back now at Weta Workshop. With the film not only out but announcing a hopeful sequel I figured it was high time to finally post them. I thought I would start with some Na'vi designs first. 

Weta Workshop was asked to help design the Na'vi culture and cultural artifacts like costume and weapons. It was an interesting process, as approved designs are usually designed and made at the workshop and then eventually end up on set. This time round designs were still created but only to be used as a reference at Weta Digital. (Some were used on the motion capture stage as well). Because of the digital process the design process continued and evolved well into post-production.

Neytiri costume design. This had the dubious honour of being Weta's first piece of design on the film. James actually quite liked this and I think parts of it (the yellow halter) made it into the film.

Keeping it in the family, this was a costume design for Eytukan, Neytiri's father.  The big shoulders were not a 80's throw back but rather an attempt to make him imposing and the basic design was used in parts.

This was a knife design for Tsu'tey, which could be used in a normal way, or held along the arm allowing for the point to act as a punch dagger and the leading edge to slash. When designing weapons it can be fun to try to give a stunt performers something a little unusual to help create more memorable action sequences.


  1. Very cool, nice update. I love the dwarf below.

  2. Great work Paul =) Love the dagger design, the weaving on the handle is different.

  3. my fav is the dagger as well. keep it coming! ;)

  4. Cheers guys, I wished that sucker made it into the film. I designed Jake's knife but it was pretty basic compared to that one.