Saturday, February 12, 2011

Avatar Action - Part II

In addition to the Na'vi we also did some early design work on the human costuming as well to get the ball rolling. James favoured a very real world approach to the costume design which comes across so well in the final costuming. He would often reference the Vietnam war in terms of look for the soldiers and the level of gritty realism. For ground personnel the reflective stripes became a very practical feature that you could build a strong graphic identifier into. If you check out Aaron Beck's blog you can see more great Avatar costuming designs.

On one of James' few trips to see us in the Design Room in NZ,  I presented this Op Center concept to him. I pointed out that the trousers had built-in leg zips so some of them could be wearing shorts as a option as the base is in a tropical zone. After a moments thought he turned to me and the production designer and said that there will categorically be no shorts in his film.... as is often the case in concept design even a total fail can still yield good information. There were no shorts in the making of this film....

All costumes needed to incorporate the emergency mask which Leri designed, which is a good example of collaborative design. On this costume I started to have some fun with designing a breathable weave made from the RDA logo pattern for the shoes. Lets face it Pandora is hot, dam hot and who wants stinky feet!


  1. Ha ha! I like your shorts anecdote.

    Nice stuff dude! Seems like a long time ago eh?

  2. Yeah, it does seem like a age ago... a bit like my blogging :)

  3. These are great! Really like your designs :)