Thursday, January 30, 2014

Red Star Rises - Rapid Fire

After a long break myself, Stephen Crowe and Christian Pearce where all reunited on Christian Gossett's latest Red Star project Rapid Fire. This was a special 16 page story for Geek Magazine in which they published not just the story but also the creative process from writing, storyboarding, a full-scale model shoot, drawing, 3D elements, colouring and lettering.

As in the past, we were brought on to colour the pencils, though this time all three of us needed to match to a specific style to give the appearance of a single look which made for an interesting challenge. Deadlines were tight but the end result was fantastic. Unsung heroes were production manager Jhennifer Webberly for such a smooth run and my partner Claire for blocking in some pages in the final hours.

Cheers Gossett looking forward to the next crazy stunt!

Geek Magazine Article
Red Star Website

Some of my finished colour pages. Many of the pages had all three of us colouring different parts.
Artwork Process:

Stage One:  Clean-up on Christian's awesome line-work first.
Stage Two: Block in flat colours to ensure the same colour palette across all 16 pages.
Stage Three: Block in the backgrounds. These were often line work renders from some amazing 3D models that were built for the Rapid Fire.
Stage Four: Using some great model reference work up final renders and add atmospherics.

Christian shooting up!

My first Comic Con Panel with Geek Magazine and Christian Gossett, the lovely models and me.